One week!

…until Opening Day!  So close…


Quote of the day

Opening day. All you have to do is say the words and you feel the shutters thrown wide, the room air out, the light pour in. In baseball, no other day is so pure with possibility. No scores yet, no losses, no blame or disappointment. No hangover, at least until the game’s over.

~Mary Schmich


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Chicago Tribune


Two weeks

Until Opening Day!

opening day

Happy Pi Day!

Today marks 20 days until Opening Day!  While we continue to wait patiently, the Baseball Hall of Fame has created this fun page of baseball stats and facts that revolve around π.  Read up and enjoy some pi(e), and regular season baseball will be here before we know it!

pi pitcher

25 days to Opening Day

I have the days numbered on my calendar.  Maybe if I stare at it hard enough, they’ll go by faster?

baseball basket

One month!

Just one month until Opening Day.  Who else is excited?


Countdown to Opening Day

Spring Training is underway, which means that the countdown to Opening Day is also in full swing!  37 days to go…