Infographic:What to Eat at the Ballpark

If you’re like me, you make an effort to keep an eye on your health and overall well-being.  (Well, most of the time.  I do have my eat-all-the-junk-food-in-sight days, too.)  When it comes to ballpark food, obviously, the healthiest (and cheapest) option is to not touch the stuff.  But I’ve had those days when I’ve gone straight from work to the stadium with no chance to snag a healthy, pre-game meal.  Fortunately, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was good enough to create this infographic to help us make better choices when faced with this dilemma.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Not my favorite holiday, personally, but at least I have something else I love to celebrate!


“I Love Baseball,” by Cliff Brock

I came across this tune on YouTube, which appears to be an original by this gentleman (if anyone knows otherwise, please feel free to let me know).  I especially love the way he opens the song, particularly the phrase “as seen through the eyes of a young boy.”  Because, ultimately, doesn’t baseball bring us all back to our childhoods?

Happy Holidays!

Check it out, even Santa likes baseball!  Here’s hoping everyone has a fun-filled and fulfilling holiday season.

Santa Claus

Infographic: MLB Perfect games

Here’s a chart that depicts perfect games throughout baseball history, beginning in 1874.  The fact that there have only been 23 perfect games thrown in the hundreds-of-thousands of games that have been played in Major League Baseball goes to show just how difficult a feat it really is.  Three perfect games in 2012 is an especially astonishing number, with this in mind.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone gets to enjoy a lovely turkey dinner and some time with people you like.


Quote of the day

The great thing about baseball is, I’ve heard a hundred statements beginning, ‘The great thing about baseball is.’

~Jon Sindell