Questionable decisions

I’m sure we all feel this way about our teams’ management at times.


Happy Pi Day!

Today marks 20 days until Opening Day!  While we continue to wait patiently, the Baseball Hall of Fame has created this fun page of baseball stats and facts that revolve around π.  Read up and enjoy some pi(e), and regular season baseball will be here before we know it!

pi pitcher

Santana performs national anthem

I love this rendition of the national anthem, performed by Carlos Santana and his son Salvador prior to Game 4 of the 2014 World Series.

“Grand Slam,” by Marjorie Maddox

This piece manages to create in me a sense of nostalgia, a touch of depression, and feelings of peace and hope all at the same time.  It is short and sweet, and every time I read it, it evokes a different emotion entirely.  Written by Marjorie Maddox, this poem was published in Rules of the Game: Baseball Poems in 2009.


Dreams brimming over,
childhood stretched out in legs,
this is the moment replayed on winter days
when frost covers the field,
when age steals away wishes.
Glorious sleep that seeps back there
to the glory of our baseball days.

Just make contact

We’ve all heard this bit of advice before.  Here’s an interesting new way to think about it.


“Baseball,” by James Metcalfe

I like the simplicity of this piece.  It captures the most basic, most concrete qualities of the experience of attending a baseball game.  It makes me eager for the season to start so that I can get out to the K!


The game of baseball is the king
Of all the games we play
And it is one pursuit that is
Distinctly U.S.A.
The people swarm into the stands
To watch their favorite teams
And munch their hot dogs when their lungs
Are not engaged in screams
The pitcher hurls the horsehide and
The batter gets a hit
Or else the ball goes sailing and
Some fielder smothers it
A clever runner steals a base
A player takes a walk
Or managers and umpires
Decide to have a talk
The crowd is gay or gloomy or
Completely in suspense
But it goes wild when someone knocks
The ball beyond the fence.


I must say, the kid has a point.


Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott