This day in baseball

In a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 25, 1905, outfielder Jack McCarthy of the Cubs gunned down three base runners at home plate.  He was the first, and only, player to accomplish this feat during the twentieth century.  All three of these plays resulted in double plays, and the Cubs defeated the Pirates, 2-1.


Jack McCarthy (Chicago Daily News)


6 Comments on “This day in baseball”

  1. I wish he played for the Orioles today … he’d get lots of chances to throw to home!

  2. verdun2 says:

    Wow. I always say it’s been a successful day if I learned something I didn’t know. Geez, did you just make this a successful day. Thanks.

  3. Steve Myers says:

    Three homer games get all the hype. Off topic, but what the hell you suppose he has in his back pocket? Looks like he’s packing heat.

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